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CPI Release Is On The Clock

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As NFL teams rotated into their position to make a draft selection in the recently completed NFL draft, they were placed “on the clock” in terms of having a limited time to make their pick known.

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Business Plan 2023/24 | FCA

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Our strategic objective is to ensure financial services markets function well.

Our operational objectives are to:

  • secure an appropriate degree of protection for consumers
  • protect and enhance the integrity of the UK financial system
  • promote effective competition in the interests

Improving Patient Care Through Technology Orchestration

As healthcare shifts towards a more patient-centric approach, health providers across the world are looking for innovative ways to enhance the patient care journey. The infusion of software solutions into the healthcare industry has helped providers improve the overall patient

Time to become Virtually perfect

Some might believe that the COVID ’19 pandemic was the harbinger of a heightened digital health wave, while others might believe that the pandemic simply hastened the process of its evolution and adoption. I, for one, stand by the latter.

Data and Integration Push Evolving CFO Role

Holistic business planning and digital tools are increasingly evolving the responsibilities of finance teams.

This, as macroeconomic-driven headwinds create friction points and prompt organizations to turn to more centralized and streamlined strategies for their working capital and spending needs.